Access, analyze, and disseminate information in the most secure, cost-effective way. Federal IQ provides a secure framework for all the applications you need, with more support and less cost.

Single Tenant SAAS

Virtualization and a single point of support, as well as consistent access from all devices mean that your entire team can work efficiently and securely.

Application Integration

Integrate new or existing applications. With single-point support, you can easily scale for the future.

Web Applications

Host your applications in a secure framework that can integrate and provide BI insight across all your web applications.

Mobile Accessibility

Access tools and data across all mobile devices anywhere. Federal IQ works with your agency’s systems and workflow.

FederalIQ Apps

Keep up to date easily. Instead of investing in on-premise software packages that frequently require upgrades and replacements, use cloud-based toolsets that support your mission as it evolves:

  • ERP
  • Business Intelligence
  • CRM (Microsoft,, Sugar, etc)
  • Big Data (ParAccel, Kognitio, etc)