Infographics & Data Visualization Gallery

Making the Pay Gap Look Good

Simon Rogers makes the gender gap in salaries look like a million in this viz. His use of a gantt bar to represent the difference in salary is pure genius.

Which Country Uses the Most Oil?

Alex Kerin’s viz is not only beautiful, it’s also the winner of the Interactive Viz Contest! It shows which countries consume the most oil and whether or not …

Twitter: A Leading Indicator?

Do a Presidential candidate’s Twitter followers peak before they rise in the polls? Decide for yourself with this viz.

The Coast Guard & the Environment

G.W. Schultz from the Center for Investigative reporting looks into the time that the Coast Guard spends protecting the environment, compared to other missions.

Recession Job Growth

Although the economy has been growing and 630,000 private sector jobs have been created this year, over 7 million net jobs have been lost since the start of the recession. See Anythony Calabrese’s viz below for the details.