Federal IQ is customizable on many levels. Depending on your infrastructure and security requirements, you can choose three different delivery options:


Secure cloud storage means that all software and data storage is in a secure cloud, not on your premises. Software is not installed on your computers,so your overall cost is lower. Data is not stored on your machines, so your security requirements are more manageable. Team members have 24/7 access to information from any device.


A custom solution for your environment can incorporate elements of both private and cloud-based installments. For example, you might choose to keep data on premise, stored in your own computers, and to host visualization and delivery in the cloud, for cost savings and the ability to deliver information to a large user base.


Enterprise class BI capabilities can be implemented on premise – in combination with the agility and cost effectiveness of software as a service. You avoid the large upfront costs of installing all the software you need, but have direct control over your data. Remote workers and agents in the field will not have real-time data access.

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